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Bicycle Paint, visit Cyclecolor. We are your Perth Western Australia based bicycle paint professional.


Professional Bicycle paint repairs and restoration are an integral part of any vintage bicycle lovers restoration focus. Cyclecolor will accomplish all of your paint repairs and restoration needs inclusive of chrome plating, repair/overhaul of original parts, sourcing of replacement parts, dent repairs, frame repairs, rebuilding of wheels, and the final build of your bicycle.


As a collector of vintage bicycles Cyclecolor understands the perfection that is required to ensure that your Bicycle paint repairs and restoration is completed to the highest standard.


Cyclecolor Bicycle frame painting and repairs has the ability and technology to complete Airbrush restorations of your vintage ride or aternatively do a complete restoration back to original specifications, or as custom as you would like it to be..​

Color's are professionally matched using the very latest technology, or select a colors from one of our thousands of color swatches.


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